Genio is an AutoCAD based programming software for CNC routers. If you can draw it and your machine can machine it, Genio will program it. Options are available for nesting parts, parametric geometry and 3D surfaces.

AutoCAD is included in the Genio CAD/CAM package. Extra purchase is not required.

Please click on the link below to download a PDF presentation of Genio.

Genio Power Point Genio Leaflet 1 Genio Leaflet 2

Notes for existing users.

If your Genio software is a version 3 (it tells you at the top of the Control Panel) then you are using the included AutoCAD 2004 which will only work on XP version computers. So when your XP computer is upgraded to Windows 7 you will need to update your Genio key to run the latest Genio version.

If you are running a version 4 Genio, then you are using the included AutoCAD 2008. This will run on an XP, Vista and Windows 7 PC running a 32 bit system. If you are about to update your PC or laptop it will probably be a 64 bit system, for this you must be running a version of Genio later than ver. 4.5.5

Genio R6 uses the included AutoCAD 2016. Genio R6 will only run on 64bit computers. Anyone who has seen this AutoCAD version will know it is a vast change from the 2008 version, so Genio has been rewritten to match these changes with a new interface for the Control Panel. R6 takes advantage of the AutoCAD 2016 surfaces and meshes to be able to output code for 5 axis machines.

Genio R7 with 2018 AutoCAD was released in June 2018. 64 bit computers only. Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Your Genio key will take free updates written upto 12 months after the date on the key. If you want/need to update to a version more than 12 months of the key date, then the key can be updated to the latest version. This then gives the ability to be able to accept free updates for the next 12 months, and free support via phone, email and internet from SpaiSoft UK and Spai direct in Italy.